ATG MaxiFlex MaxiDry GP [Knit wrist 3/4 coated] ENN 388 Standard [4121]

Code: G-56-425
Brand: ATG


  • ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT - Synthetic coating combined with an industry leading super light seamless knit liner provides excellent comfort, sensitivity, fit and dexterity.
  • LOCKING CUFF (56-426) - Ensures the glove does not slip off the hand: an exclusive elasticated support in the wrist area provides a “locking” effect for a close and snug fit.
  • OPTIMIZED GRIP - Our micro-cup non-slip grip finish allows for a controlled and superior grip in oily and wet applications.
  • The non-slip grip is only applied where it is actually needed - in the palm area - to ensure flexibility isn’t compromised.
  • LIQUID REPELLANCE – splash resistance to liquids is delivered through the Liquitech technology platform.
  • Certified To ENN 388 Standard 4121
  • SIZES AVAILIBLE: 7 to 11

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